Limelight Terms & Conditions

    1. Order: An agreement in writing between Limelight Entertainments Ltd ("LEL") and the client that includes and makes reference to an order form outlining the goods required and their associated costs.
    2. Standard Orders: An order, where the client purchases the goods outright.
    3. Re-orders: An order, placed after your first order. All re-orders are standard orders.
    4. Faulty Merchandise: A piece of merchandise that upon supply does not function as can be reasonably expected.
    5. Payment Terms: All goods must be paid for upon receipt of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing with LEL.
    6. Acceptable Returns: Full factory sealed original outer boxes in a good sell-able condition free of any defacement.
    1. After an initial discussion an order form will be drawn up and sent to you via email, this must be agreed by the client in writing or confirmatory email. Please note that upon agreeing the order you are agreeing to everything contained within the order, the terms and conditions supplied and that you have the authority to make an order for the company or individual named on the order. If we discover that you do not have such authority the debt will become a personal/company debt upon the person/company that made the order.
    1. Standard Orders:
    2. a) No goods will be accepted back except genuinely faulty merchandise as defined within the definitions. All returned items the client has reported as faulty will be examined for signs of mishandling.
    3. Sale or Return:
    4. a) Sale or Return prices will apply and upfront payment will be required at least 2 days prior to dispatch of goods.
    5. b) Sale or Return will only apply to your first order and only applies to stock unopened and returned in it's original outer box as defined within acceptable returns. Any unsold merchandise must be reported and returned to us no later that 14th February 2019 for a credit to apply. It's up to you to contact LEL to agree delivery dates. Unless pre-booked with LEL, deliveries will not be accepted.
    6. c) Return carriage for Sale or Return goods is the responsibility of the customer. We can arrange this for you and carriage will be charged to you at cost for this service.
    7. d) Returned goods will be checked and we will use our discretion to determine acceptable returns as defined above. Credit will be held on file to be offset against future orders or we can arrange for a cheque or bank transfer to be raised in payment only if your account has been settled in full.
    8. e) Credit noted that have not been used one calendar year after issue will be written off.
    9. Re-orders:
    10. a) All Re-orders are treated as standard orders.
    11. b) Sale or Return on a given item from your first order will not apply if that item is re-ordered.
    12. General:
    13. a) We do mix types of order in any one order; your entire order must be either Standard or Sale or Return.
    14. b) Carriage will be charged at cost.
    15. c) When you receive your delivery, please ensure that you sign for the correct number of boxes, as errors cannot be rectified on the couriers' systems after delivery.
    16. d) To qualify for a 5% discount, upfront payment must be received by 30th September 2019.
    1. We only accept payment by bank transfer (typically referred to as BACS) or Cheque. The money must have fully cleared into our bank account before supply of goods unless otherwise agreed.
    1. If an invoice remains unpaid for 15 days after the invoice date interest will be applied at the statutory rate to this debt. This is 8% above the Bank of England base rate.
    1. We will accept back any genuinely faulty merchandise returned to us for credit (pre-booked as stated above), but they must be securely packaged as items lost in transit will not be credited. The venue where these items are sold must judge whether the items have been mishandled by the general public, or not. If the venue's policy is to replace mishandled goods, this must be at the venue's own cost as LEL will not be responsible for crediting such goods. All items are checked and LEL reserves the right to not credit any goods which appear to LEL to have been mishandled. Any faulty merchandise must be reported to LEL no later than 14th February 2020 for a credit to apply.
    2. We reserve the right to alter prices and terms.
    3. Everything within these terms and conditions is governed by UK Law.